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Director John Kahrs had a vision for his animated short Paperman. There was just one problem. The technology to make it hadn’t been invented yet.

The 6-minute black and white film, which won Disney this year’s Oscar for animated short, tells the classic story of boy meets girl; boy and girl become smitten; boy then loses girl, literally, and the adventure he has trying to find her.

An age-old story perhaps but told using technology which didn’t even exist at the time the storyboards were being put together. Having previously worked alongside legendary 2D animator Glen Keane, Karhs had seen him sketching over CG-animated figures with his digital pen, creating texture and ‘movement’, only for the line work to be lost in the final composite.

Kahrs says “It seemed like a shame to have to leave all those drawings behind when you go to the final CG product. [The…

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